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Quiko Catalogue

The Quiko product line is a wonderful family of professional grade products developed and produced by bird enthusiasts.

The Quiko approach to feeding birds is a little different than you may be used to, but professional and backyard breeders worldwide recognize the benefits of this approach.

Quiko Classic egg food serves as the base ingredient for a wide variety of feeding mixtures. It can be fed to any bird kept in captivity. "You are what you eat" really does apply to birds. Plumage condition and coloration are definitely affected by what a bird eats.

Canary breeders have used a variety of ingredients to enhance the natural color of their birds for generations. Quiko makes color foods (Special Red, etc.) and also produces a broad range of color enhancing supplements for the breeders who like to mix their own formulas. These supplements are added to the drinking water or egg food to achieve the results desired.